Our unique

How do we achieve a website in a week?

Based on world-class training, research and expert processes, we create a custom website for you in your chosen platform. We ensure your website represents your brand, looks amazing and is loved by Google and your customers alike.


Research, Branding & Strategy

We focus on who you are as a brand, what your purpose is, and your goals for the project.

During this time, we will work with you on:

  • Your brand type
  • Your values
  • Your website outline & wireframe
  • Keyword research
  • Site mockup

We will also complete a discovery interview with our copywriter to begin your copy.


Site Creation, Structure & Design

We focus on getting your site online and laying out the pages as per the wireframes and mockups.

During this time, we will work with you on:

  • Page layout
  • Writing copy
  • Integrating social media
  • Adding in photos & videos

We will also have a check-in with you during the day for approximately 1.5 hours via zoom to review work done and discuss the project as needed.


Reviewing & Refining Content

We continue to work on styling and review the copy and styling with you.

During this time, we will work with you on:

  • Page styling
  • Writing copy

We will also have a check-in with you during the day for approximately 1-2 hours via zoom to review work done and discuss the project as needed.


Testing & Launching

It’s all about testing and launching on day 4!

During this time, we will work with you on:

  • Final revisions to copy & content

  • Testing website functionality

  • Checking email sequences

  • Pushing the website live


QA, Promotion & Handover

The final day is based around quality assurance, handover and training.

We want to make sure you have everything you need to promote your new website.

You can also choose to complete 2 hours of training so you know to use your new website.


Have a

Here are some of our most common questions about our website in a week process. Don’t see your question here? Give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to help you.

Why does the Website only take a week?

Most websites take 40+ hours to build. However, when these hours are spread out over days, or weeks, it takes months. Similar to multi-tasking, it is not an efficient way to work.

When we book in a Website in a Week, we block out the entire week to focus on your website. By allocating all our resources to it, including writing the copy, we complete it more quickly. Also, knowing that you will be on standby to answer the questions means hours don’t get wasted waiting for emails or approvals.

We also have great systems. These checklists, systems and processes help us ensure nothing is missed.

Will my website look like my brand, or do you just use a template?

Your website will be designed to fit your brand and style. All websites use themes, but our designers ensure yours will be customised so that it is unique to you. This includes using your fonts, colours and image style.

What do I need to provide?

The main requirement is time with you during the week.

This helps us to:

  • Ensure we have passwords to your domain name and hosting
  • Understand your business, goals and customers
  • Interview you so we can write the copy
  • Get feedback on designs and layout

If you’re doing an e-commerce site or course/membership, we will need you to have the products ready to upload in a spreadsheet or your course materials ready to be uploaded.

You haven't worked in my industry - how can you know how to create a website for my customer?

Despite working with hundreds of different types of businesses, we have never worked with a business that is the same as yours.

This is why we involve you.

We ask you about your values, your purpose, your customers, your products and your strategies.

We then take all this information and craft it into the perfect website for your business, using best practice techniques we have learnt over many years.


Will I have full control of my website after you're finished?

Yes! We strongly believe that the business owners should retain full control iof their digital business assets.

We give you full admin access to your site, hosting, domain and access to all the content created with the ability to make any changes you wish.


What if I don't have any images?

We provide royalty-free stock imagery to match your branding and suit your site.

If you need custom photos taken including team members or products, we can organise a photographer to have them completed within the week.


Do I still need to write copy?

Nope! That is one of the best things about Website in a Week. We do all the writing for you.

We spend around an hour going through all the information we need to get your website up, and from there, all you need to do is check what we have written.

However, if you do wish to contribute copy, we are happy to include it.

Can I access the website anytime during the build?

The website can be accessed anytime through the build process via URL / website link.

Will my website be offline during the process?

Not at all. We use a staging site so that your current website will not be affected during the build process.

What happens when my site goes live? Will you be available for additional support?

After we go live, we teach you how to use the site. We are then on hand to help ensure handover goes smoothly.

If your want additional help, or alternatively, if you would like someone to manage your blogs and updates, we can do that too.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes we do! We break down the payment into two parts.

To secure your booking, we require a 50% payment with the following 50% payment due on the day that the site goes live.

Do you offer refunds or a guarantee?

Yes we do. If you are on the fence, or if you’ve worked with other web companies who haven’t delivered, I want to set your mind at ease.

We guarantee that Red Hippo will put in the effort, expertise, energy and time required to get your website up in a week. Occasionally, despite our best endeavors and with circumstances outside of our control, it can take a little longer. If this happens, we will keep working with you to complete it as soon as it is possible.